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Brian Parker
Managing Director, General Counsel

Brian brings extensive litigation experience to our compliance solutions and leads the regulatory examination, consumer complaint, and MERS audit work for our clients. He also leads all our internal legal affairs. 


He has 20 years of experience in civil litigation and considers himself a champion of the underdog. His secret power is a pragmatic, solution-driven approach which he combines with an understanding of the complexity of business operations. The principle of a civil litigation practice for over 17 years, he understands how litigation can impact business (and people) in the real world. 

Legal Regulatory Counsel - MERS, state exams, remediation
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Brian has managed state examinations from almost every state, is well versed in responding to examinations requests, interfacing favorably with examiners, and managing complex remediation work related to findings. He has led the legal response for hundreds of consumer complaints from the CFPB, state banking departments, and states' Attorneys General. He is an experienced MERS audit builder and has led the legal response for hundreds of consumer complaints with the state Attorney General. His expertise also includes working with regulatory counsel across the country to formulate remedial policies, procedures and strategies. 

He has an excellent record at trial and for matters taken on appeal, but he is most proud of his outside-the-box and creative solutions that accomplishes client’s objectives while avoiding costly litigation. 


Brian received his J.D. from Georgia State University and currently resides in Atlanta.


When he's not fighting for clients, he is either spending time with his wife and daughter or watching his beloved Clemson Tigers. Rumors have it his BBQ skills are some of the finest too. Being a stage IV cancer survivor he is a proud member and active supporter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Operation Homefront, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

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