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Monica Zabo
Managing Director, Strategy & Operations

Monica is a status-quo challenger who sees unique insights and brings creative strategies to unlock hidden value. She leads our client service, business operations and growth strategy.  

With a variety of leadership roles at Fortune 500 consumer companies, she brings a timely business perspective to our practice and to our client solutions. She champions a strategic, approach to compliance management that will transform the function from a mere mandate into a real advantage for enduring growth. 

Strategic compliance integration
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Her core belief is that everything a business does must begin and end with the consumer it serves. This is also true for how compliance is managed in a mortgage transaction, even if not immediately obvious. Her mission is to provide a new business lens to compliance management to enable new value creation.    


Monica gained deep business expertise through complex roles in business development, global marketing, sales leadership and commercial operations at two of the largest global consumer product companies. Her ability to identify new growth was honed during 6 years of strategic innovation roles where she used agile techniques to design disruptive business models.


Most recently, she was the CMO for an investor-backed company where she set up their marketing function and led the development of award-winning products to support investors' exit goals. 

Monica holds a B.S. in Economics, an MBA from Arizona State University and a Master's in International Management from Thunderbird, the American School of Global Management. 

Outside work she a global traveler, an evergreen home baker on the look for new recipes, and a champion for eco living hacks. 

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