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Life happens and so do compliance failures at good lenders. They must be addressed immediately but their resolution does not have to break the bank.


We guide you through the most efficient resolution for you to protect, restore and maintain your reputation. 



Not every compliance error requires costly legal advice. In fact, in most cases they don't. We have seasoned legal triage expertise and will evaluate your situation carefully to determine the best course of action. If your situation requires legal support, we can connect you with the most appropriate legal resources for your, curated based on expertise and return on investment. We coordinate your case with an eye towards operations realities and cost reduction.   

When crisis happens one of the most pressing questions is WHY? Finding the correct factor that tumbled the cards is essential in order to find the most effective remediation solution. We blend compliance, operations and data analysis to find the hot buttons. You can reduce downtime and spending by targeting the correct error.     



Whatever the compliance issue, we devise a plan to correct, restore, and prevent mistakes from happening in the future. Authorities view favorable lenders who are proactively solving issues before they appear. To correct is to protect your business' future!

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