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Regulatory compliance done well begins with a "business first" approach. We assess regulations, data and your business goals to define risk insights that unlock unique value for you. Through strategic analysis and data interpretation we craft compliance programs that do not clash but are aligned and support your enterprise operations. Here is how we add value to your business:


Our strategic compliance planning starts with a full understanding of your business strategy, processes, structure and partnerships to identify compliance hot spots. Our insider expertise allows us to provide a realistic risk assessment and mitigation solutions while keeping business priorities in mind.   



You may already have a compliance program in place. Or you've just purchased one "off the shelf" to appease your Board of Directors. In either case, it is not the mere content of the program that will make your business compliant. It is the quality of that content and how it affects your business strategies that makes a difference. We develop a CMS that fits your enterprise like a glove and enables business, not the other way around.   



Your policies and procedures need to pass the business stress test. They can't be taken seriously, let alone implemented internally, when they come from random online sources. Showing "cliff notes" to regulators is not a strategy we embrace. Instead, we craft policies and procedures that are fully vetted and customized to fit your enterprise and its operations.

These include policies like FDCPA, FCRA, ECOA, TRID, GLBA, HMDA, SAFE, MAP, HVCC, and others.   



Many lenders still run their operations on paper. Research shows that, while prodiving productivity and customer service improvements, mortgage digitalization did not provide the anticipated cost savings. AI is now the new frontier to be conquered.

How do you fare? Let us evaluate your specific situation and recommend the technologies that makes sense for you. 

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